Alternative words to use instead of Very

very accurate exact Very afraid fearful very angry furious very annoying exasperating very bad awful Very beauiiful gorgeous Very big massive very boring dull very bright luminous Very busy swamped Very calm serene very careful cautious very cheap stingy very clean spotless very clear obvious very clever intelligent very cold freezing Very colorful vibrant Very competitive cutthroat very complete comprehensive very confused perplexed very conventional conservative Very creative innovative very crowded bustling very cute adorable Very dangerous perilous Very dear cherished very deep profound Very depressed despondent very detailed meticulous very different disparate very diffcult arduous very dirty filthy very dry arid Very dull tedious very eager keen very easy effortless very empty desolate very evil wicked very excited thrilled very exciting exhilarating very expensive costly Very fancy lavish very fast quick Very fat obese very fierce ferocious Very friendly amiable very frightened alarmed - very frightening 3 terrifying very Very funny i hilarious " intelligent Very glad ‘ ovefoyed very good exce lent very grea‘l' terrific Very mppy w ‘eicispatic ' ' Very rd i icult brilliant very hard—1’o-find , rare very heavy leaden Very high soaring — Very hot sweltering Very huge colossal \\ Very hungry starvin Very hurl‘ battere Very imporiani crucial very in‘l'elligen’r brilliant very ini'eres‘l'ing captivating Very kind fiompassionate very arge i u e very lazy in olent very lighi‘ luminous Very lifile ‘ tiny very lively l animated very long extensive ve l -ie d ‘ Very loud V43 i§33e m I ificimg very loud l deafening ,, very loved l adored " very lovely l adorable ‘ very mean cruel 'y deafening \ Very mesfsy 1 slovenllyl i very nea ‘ immac ate i very necessary l essential ‘ ‘ very nervous l ipprehensive very nice ind ' ~ very noisy 5 deafenin very offen frequent y Very old ancient Very old-fashioned 5 archaic very open transparent very painful exflruciating very pae as en very perfecf l flawless very poor , destitute very powerful compelling Very prefiy beautiful very quick rapid very quiet hushed Very raining pouring ’ Very rich wealthy 1 Very risky ‘ perilous Very 5 ow very roomy spacious very rude vulgar Very sad sorrowful _ very scared petrified slug 91511 _ Very scary Cl'll.l.l1l'1g \ very serious - rave Very sharp een Very shiny A leaming very shori rief very shy timid very simple basic very skinny ‘ skeletal very sleepy ‘ lethargic very slow sluggish Very small petite very smari intelligent very smelly pun ent Very smooih slee very soft downy very sorry apologetic very special exceptional very sfrong forceful Very siupid idiotic Very sure certain very surprised amazed very wicked very sweei‘ thou htful \ Very ialenfed gifte very full towering very fasfy delicious very Thin slender , , Ve i'hirsi' h d villainous \ W3 fighi 9 Eiiitficiing very Tiny minuscule very fired ‘ exhausted very ugly ' hideousl Very un GPPU ' rniserab e very upsei ‘ distraught very valuable recious very warm . ot very weak frail very well-‘ro-do wealth Very we‘l' soake very wicked villainous Very wide expansive very willing * eager very windy i blustery very wise I sage very worried 2 distressed Source: